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A Culturally Centered Think Tank Focused on Economic Growth in Marginalized Communities.

Our mission is to influence and advocate for significant changes that impact marginalized communities economically, politically, culturally, and environmentally.

Brilliant Minds Collective® (BMC) is a culturally centered, 501 (c) (3) non-profit think tank focused on economic growth, education, urban policy & legal reform, Race, and global community engagement. Our membership-based organization leverages innovation and engagement to stimulate and sustain generational wealth for the Global Black community…  read more


Ioannis Alexandrou
"I am happy to report that the research experience I gained as a Special Topics Researcher with Brilliant Minds Collective helped me to transition to a paid research position with a multinational think-tank based in the United Kingdom. During the application process, multiple interviewers were impressed with the depth and rigor of the research project that I completed through Brilliant Minds Collective. Much thanks to the Brilliant Minds Collective editing and research team for granting me the time, resources, and guidance to complete such an important research project."
Special Topics Researcher



Law enforcement targets people of color for detentions, interrogations, and searches without ...


Making education more equitable for historically marginalized students...


Return to Office Syndrome, and Your Mental Health. Coping Mechanisms in 2023...

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