Climate Change Mitigation in African Indigenous Communities

Anthropogenic climate change and its consequences are a global phenomenon. Its effects are felt more deeply in developing countries, especially those on the African continent. Following the COP26 and 27 convention, it is evident that the failures of the Global North to recognise the need to amplify marginalized voices is not only an issue of […]

Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century

Despite misguided references to the “country of Africa,” the African continent is actually composed of fifty-four distinct countries. But despite social, cultural, and economic differences between these nations, Pan-Africanism has emerged as a solution to establishing African influence on the global scale. Some advocates have argued that Pan-Africanism promises a future where all of the […]

Immigrating to Africa

Africa has a long history as a continent full of rich resources and vibrant culture. It has also been one of the most historically exploited and volatile places on Earth. While forty-six percent of Africa’s inhabitants seek to leave the continent, increasing economic opportunities and the natural beauty of the continent make it an appealing […]

South Africa Feels Punished for Alerting World to New Variant

JOHANNESBURG — As the United States and European countries close their borders over fears over the recently detected coronavirus variant, many South Africans say they feel as if they are being “punished” for alerting global health authorities. Hours after South African scientists announced the existence of a new variant that they said displayed “a big […]