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A Culturally Centered Think Tank Focused on Economic Growth in Marginalized Communities.


Malay to Marakesh 2023
Each year the Brilliant Minds Collective hosts an intimate conference at various locations throughout the African continent. This conference will be held in countries important to Africa’s development and repositioning. Participants from both the continent and the diaspora will take this journey together. The goal is to form a Pan African community that builds social, economic and policy building bridges between African people all over the world. The annual yearly conference is rooted in the study of the history of each nation/region, business building, personal development, global leadership, networking, and tourism...

Law enforcement targets people of color for detentions, interrogations, and searches without ...


Making education more equitable for historically marginalized students...


Jamaica is still in the pursuit of reparations for slavery, the effects...

Research & Analysis​


What we know and don’t know on new COVID variant

What we know and don’t know on new COVID variant

LONDON — South African scientists identified a new version of the coronavirus that they say is behind…
Ioannis Alexandrou
"I am happy to report that the research experience I gained as a Special Topics Researcher with Brilliant Minds Collective helped me to transition to a paid research position with a multinational think-tank based in the United Kingdom. During the application process, multiple interviewers were impressed with the depth and rigor of the research project that I completed through Brilliant Minds Collective. Much thanks to the Brilliant Minds Collective editing and research team for granting me the time, resources, and guidance to complete such an important research project."
Special Topics Researcher

Featured Publications

Algorithms of Oppression

by Safiya Umoja Noble

Your Next Five Moves

by Patrick Bet-David

You Don’t Know Us Negroes and Other Essays

by Zora Neale Hurston

Dark Matters: On The Surveillance of Blackness

by Simone Browne

The Sibyls; The First Prophetess of Mami (Wata): The Theft of African Prophecy by the Catholic Church

by Mama Zogbe

Our Mission

Brilliant Minds Collective is a Think Tank, that prioritizes the equity and inclusion of Black People and descendants of the African Diaspora by bringing together thought leaders, developing research, and creating solutions. We influence and advocate for significant changes that impact marginalized communities economically, culturally, politically, and environmentally.

Our Vision

To be a premier Thought Leadership network, a magnet for high-caliber Educators and Influencers, and a transformative force in driving access to investment, financial sustainability, improved health and human resources, and life-changing opportunities for Black People and descendants of the African Diaspora.