Brilliant Minds Collective


“I am interested in things that lead to economic advancement for people. That began the dialogue with BMC. It seems to me that is what we are trying to do with our advocacy.”
– Shawn Rochester, BMC Thought Leadership, Author, The Black Tax

Our mission is to influence and advocate for significant changes that impact marginalized communities economically, politically, culturally, and environmentally.

Brilliant Minds Collective® (BMC) is a culturally centered, 501 (c) (3) non-profit think tank focused on economic growth, education, urban policy & legal reform, Race, and global community engagement. Our membership-based organization leverages innovation and engagement to stimulate and sustain generational wealth for the Global Black community. We remove thought leadership solely from the academic space and place it in the real world. Our careers are characterized by innovation and proven results.

We are driven by a powerful combination of degreed intelligence and decades of lived and worked experience across the business, entertainment, media, healthcare, and political sectors. We understand how a great idea, in theory, can have disastrous albeit unintended consequences in practice–and our mission is to use on-the-ground intel to better inform policymakers, educators, and companies as they look to improve and create parity for Black lives. Resources and allyship are only as impactful as the cultural competence that guides execution.

Globally, we develop research, programs, and partnerships with corporations, governments, and colleges including internships, ambassador programs, and other events to promote awareness and goodwill that can also be used as tactical intel for economic growth.

Funding is generated from membership dues, endowments, corporate sponsors, donations, grants, and events, for the purpose of creating opportunities for the advancement of our mission.

Welcome to Brilliant Minds Collective, where An Educated Mind is a Brilliant Mind and YOU are a Brilliant Mind.


Brilliant Minds Collective is a Think Tank, that prioritizes the equity and inclusion of Black People and descendants of the African Diaspora by bringing together thought leaders, developing research, and creating solutions. We influence and advocate for significant changes that impact marginalized communities economically, culturally, politically, and environmentally.


To be a premier Thought Leadership network, a magnet for high-caliber Educators and Influencers, and a transformative force in driving access to investment, financial sustainability, improved health and human resources, and life-changing opportunities for Black People and descendants of the African Diaspora.

Our Logo

The Sankofa Bird has been adopted as a symbol of what Africana Studies strives to do. The word “Sankofa” can be translated to mean, “go back to the past and bring forward that which is useful.” The bird is rendered as twisting its beak behind itself, in order to bring forth an egg from its back.

Connecting the past with the present allows us to be more effective agents in shaping our understanding of the forces that will have an impact on our collective future as citizens of the planet. We all share the responsibility for defining the terms by which we live. We honor those who have shown us the way and taught us the strategies for survival, endurance, and growth.