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Immigrating to Africa

Africa has a long history as a continent full of rich resources and vibrant culture. It has also been one of the most historically exploited and volatile places on Earth. While forty-six percent of Africa’s inhabitants seek to leave the continent, increasing economic opportunities and the natural beauty of the continent make it an appealing place not just to visit, but to settle. Like any other area of the world, certain places are more open to immigrants than others, and certain countries offer a better experience for immigration. 

Kenya is the most popular immigrant country, especially its capital, Nairobi. Many Americans who settle in Kenya report affordable, comfortable housing. a thriving nightlife scene, and a mild climate that is easier to acclimate to than the often-extreme temperatures of the African interior. It is also a sociable and Anglophone country. Nairobi, home to multiple multinational Fortune 500 members, allows one to inhabit a city that is a continental leader in terms of economic growth and progressive politics. 

Morocco is another popular country for outsiders. Tourists are commonly attracted by its food and natural beauty. Some popular foods are couscous, which is the national dish of Morrocco, and tagine and tanjia. Morocco’s proximity to the Sahara Desert is a major attraction, but it is also home to a large coastline and several beautiful beaches. Morrocco enjoys a consistently strong economy, high education, and low crime rates. 

Egypt eclipses all others in the number of tourists who visit its historic sites each year. Egypt has historically been a destination for American expats, it enjoys a high percentage of English speakers and rich history. Money flows into Egypt tourism and trade, and businesses that cater to globetrotters are a good place to find work for someone new to the region. Home to the biggest metropolitan area in Africa, Cairo, Egypt has been urging wealthy and middle-class individuals to emigrate there in an effort to even out massive economic disparities in their social structure. 

With the constant focus on immigration out of Africa, we often forget that many cities and countries are actually an attractive destination for outsiders. Many economists are calling Africa the land of opportunity, and a thriving social scene, expanding economy, and low cost of living will continue to attract immigrants from around the globe.

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