For Jamaica, Climate Change is an Existential Threat

Jamaica is a country known for its idyllic beaches, iconic music, and tropical resorts, where tourists from around the world flock to escape the problems of daily life. Like other island nations around the glove, however, Jamaica is in serious threat from environmental changes brought on by climate change.   Jamaica is an immensely rural […]

Climate Change as a Black Issue and the Importance of Education

Lost in the conversation about the impact of global climate change, and policies designed to prevent rising temperatures and mitigate their consequences, is an understanding of the human impact of an increase in global temperature. Warnings of rising sea levels and an increase in natural disasters form compelling narratives about the threat of man-made climate […]

Troubling Home Ownership Rates Continue

With the rapid increase in rental rates and housing prices, recent years have seen a drastic decrease in home ownership rates among younger generations. Millennials have already experienced the trials of the housing market, and with the new trend of inflation, it seems that Gen Z will have an even tougher time owning their own […]

Unequal Treatment in the “Black League”

The NBA is overwhelmingly comprised of Black players. Since the 1990s, the majority of NBA rosters have been filled by African American talent. Despite black leadership within organizations and the Players Union, instances or racism from fanbases and league and team executives are still a regular occurrence. These altercations have been on the rise recently, […]

Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century

Despite misguided references to the “country of Africa,” the African continent is actually composed of fifty-four distinct countries. But despite social, cultural, and economic differences between these nations, Pan-Africanism has emerged as a solution to establishing African influence on the global scale. Some advocates have argued that Pan-Africanism promises a future where all of the […]

Immigrating to Africa

Africa has a long history as a continent full of rich resources and vibrant culture. It has also been one of the most historically exploited and volatile places on Earth. While forty-six percent of Africa’s inhabitants seek to leave the continent, increasing economic opportunities and the natural beauty of the continent make it an appealing […]

The Brittney Griner Saga Draws to an End: But Bad Feelings Continue

Last week, during the 2022 ESPY awards, famous athletes Megan Rapinoe and Steph Curry advocated for the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner from detention in Russia. The saga of Griner’s arrest and subsequent trial, which is still underway in Russian courts, has been a tragic showing of how black athletes are treated and has become […]

Jennifer Rourke Remains Strong Despite Both Physical and Political Attacks

On June 24, 2022, Jennifer Rourke, a Democratic candidate for the Rhode Island State Senate, was physically assaulted at an abortion-rights protest in Providence. Video evidence shows the scene unfolding as pro-choice activists surrounded an anti-abortion counter-protestor. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Rourke escorted the counter-protester out of the crowd and into a […]

Bozal Spanish and Other African Language Variations Thrive in Latin America

Latin America prides itself on being an ethnic melting pot. Since the days of the transatlantic trade triangle, people of all backgrounds have been drawn to Latin America and the Caribbean Islands because of their significance as hubs of business and culture. One particularly influential group in this region were the enslaved Africans kidnapped as a […]