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Happy New Year from the Brilliant Minds Collective

 An Educated Mind is a Brilliant Mind
Dear Members, Participants, Friends and Leadership,

2021 has been a difficult year, and the COVID-19 crisis has made the need for our work focused on black people globally even more urgent.
This year’s highlights include Four installments of our GENERATION WHO? series including: Part 1 – Education as a Means to Social JusticePart 2 – Entrepreneurship and Economic DevelopmentPart 3 – Embracing Mental Health for the Benefit of Our Youth, and Part 4 – The Metaverse Educating Money Focused Black and Brown Youth and Millennials, our fourth installment had a total of 585 registered participants!! This replay is available upon request.

We hosted over 25 public-facing virtual programs, including From Indie to Majors, which specifically focused on training black adolescents on the business aspect of the music industry and had over 383 registered particiapants, and The Demonization of Black Skin which focused on bridging the gap between Africans in America and Africa via an ongoing historical Lecture Series specifically benefiting HBCU students and students abroad, we had 193 registered participants!!
Following the  George Floyd and Daunte Wright verdicts, we released the Brilliant Minds Collective Eight Step Community Guideline nationally to community centers, educators and schools across the country. This tool is focused on providing training and  galvanizing our communities to act as one cohesive unit ensuring we are kept safe from the very forces that are supposed to protect us.
We are also excited to announce that we have formally become a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and our website will launch in January 2022 (
What is Brilliant Minds Collective (BMC)?
BMC is a Think Tank  like no other. We take the concept and level it up by removing the thought leadership solely from the academic space. Our careers are characterized by innovation and proven results. BMC is driven by a powerful combination of degreed intelligence, and decades of lived and worked experience across the business, entertainment and political sectors. Our group understands how a great idea in theory can have a disastrous I’ll be an unintended consequence in practice, and our mission is to use on the ground Intel to better inform policymakers, educators and companies as they look to improve and create parity for black lives. Resources and Ally ship are only as impactful as a cultural competence that guides execution.
BMC is a membership-based organization that leverages innovation and engagement to stimulate and sustain generational wealth for the Black community. We develop programs and partnerships with corporations and colleges including internships, ambassador programs and other events to promote awareness and good will that can also be used as tactical intel for economic growth. Funding is generated from membership dues, corporate sponsors, donations, endowments, grants, and events, for the purpose of creating opportunities for the advancement of our mission.
BMC leadership is in position to take our member sand followers into the future. Our group enjoys a vast global network that can change what our audience believes is possible for them economically. BMC is poised to empower Black people with information rooted in research, not opinion. Data driven insights that empower creators and innovators are what this segment is missing: BMC will bring them to “the meeting before the meeting” from which they’ve traditionally been excluded.
What’s next? Our Think Tank, Global Partnerships and our 2021 Fundraiser
We have brought on three researchers and will be officially launching: The BMC Think Tank in February of 2022 and are launching the following programs:

Partnered with Counseling on Demand furthering our commitment providing access to mental health counseling and education in the Black community.
Partnered with TBarnes (Africa), launching our annual conference in Marakesh and our Talk Black series, further solidifying our presence and relationships across the African continent.
Education Seminar in partnership with the Black Student Advocate will launch February 2022.

BMC Fundraiser – March 2022
In conclusion
As we approach our two year anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering and advocating for Black lives globally. It is imperative that the injustice inflicted upon our communities by systemic racism be not only acknowledged but accounted for with actions creating equity, accountability, education, and empowering our communities. We close this year by thanking all of our thought leadership, our board, chairs, membership,students, all of whom have supported us during this critical year.If you have any questions or would like to speak with any one of us, please contact us, we welcome your inquiries and contributions.Thank you and see you in January.
Best regards,

Tyesh Harris
Brilliant Minds Collective, Inc.
2248 Broadway #1216
New York, NY 10024
Brilliant Minds Collective INC. ™ is a Think Tank, that prioritizes the equity and inclusion of Black People globally by bringing together thought leaders, developing research, and creating solutions.We influence and advocate for significant changes that impact the lives of Black People throughout the African Diaspora, economically, culturally, politically, and environmentally.
To be a premier Thought Leadership network, a magnet for high-caliber Educators and Influencers, and a transformative force in driving access to investment, financial sustainability, improved health and human resources, and life-changing opportunities for all Black people throughout the African Diaspora.
An Educated Mind is a Brilliant Mind.

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