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Andrea New is the Chief Operating Officer for Counseling On Demand and one of their top executive consultants. She has over 15 years of experience in Mental Health and Wellness. Her passion for supporting, teaching and caring for others extends to all faucets of her life. Ms. New is a true coach at heart and spends much of her free time coaching volleyball, baseball and softball for the underserved youth in her community. For 18 years she has been an active, key volunteer and advisor for Sport Management for Special Olympics Indiana, Baxter YMCA, University of Indianapolis, Domestic Violence Coalition, Challenger Youth League, Indiana Down Syndrome Foundation, Peyton Manning Hospital for Children and IU Riley Children’s Hospital. Never has she met a stranger she didn’t adore or see the potential for success in. Her community involvement has helped her gain 20+ years of experience in advocating for individuals in need. She was a keynote speaker at Indiana University’s Domestic Violence Purple Gala, a State Conference Instructor on Adaptive Skills Training and a Train the Trainer presenter for Special Olympics Indiana. She has been an advisor in her states for the suicide prevention plan, law enforcement, and educators across Indiana. She is dedicated to creating positive change for individuals’ singularly as well as for humanity as a whole.