Brilliant Minds Collective


Brilliant Minds Collective believes in-depth research and analysis of important and essential issues to our
members is a primary component of our mission. BMC works with student interns to identify and develop topics and
publications. Other members and friends of BMC provide support with live and virtual workshops and programs supporting
the efforts of the published journals and research topics.

Research, writing, and focused discussions about these critical issues lead to action items and programs to bring the solutions to life. Education is the catalyst, the fuel, and the driver of change. The collective wisdom, vision, and extraordinary effort are what founded BMC in the first place.

Researchers and Analysts

We are currently seeking researchers for our 2023 Newsletters and Culture. Are you passionate about what’s going on in communities of color? Brilliant Minds is dedicated to supporting our researchers and giving them a voice on issues related to the African Diaspora. Interested in joining our team? Please contact about how you can contribute to the Brilliant Minds Research Team.