Malay to Marakesh 2023

Each year the Brilliant Minds Collective hosts an intimate conference at various locations throughout the African continent. This conference will be held in countries important to Africa’s development and repositioning. Participants from both the continent and the diaspora will take this journey together. The goal is to form a Pan African community that builds social, economic and policy building bridges between African people all over the world. The annual yearly conference is rooted in the study of the history of each nation/region, business building, personal development, global leadership, networking, and tourism…

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Working Toward Black

There is a growing effort across the continent to build bridges between African nations themselves and the diaspora, in an effort to restore the continent back to its pre-colonial glory. Many development projects have been created and funded with the help of the diaspora. 17 nations in Africa have formed a trade and travel alliance reconnecting African nations to each other. Rather than getting cocoa from South America, African nations will get it from Ghana, the largest producer of cocoa in the world. The alliance will make travel without visas available to citizens of the alliance opening inter-continental exploration and business opportunities. Hip Hop celebrity Akon is building small cities that will attract further development in Senegal. Many African Americans are resettling across various nations on the continent, opening businesses and building new lives, and bringing others along for the journey. The continent of Africa is the new frontier. It is also an opportunity to expand beyond the institutional racism in the US providing alternative markets and opportunities.

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Generation Who Part Four: The Metaverse

Generation Who? Part Four

Brilliant Minds Collective is proud to announce the next webinar in their Generation WHO? series entitled “The Metaverse: Educating Money Focused Black & Brown Millennials on NFTs,
Gaming, and Web3”. The free webinar features an intimate discussion with David Kim, VP of Business Development. and NFT Expert, Dave “Black Dave” Curry on Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 6pm EST.

This webinar will explore opportunities for young adults and millennials to build their brands and profit margins in the Metaverse. Focusing on creatives, musicians, and artists with an emphasis on the Black and Brown demographic, The Metaverse: Educating Money Focused Black & Brown Millennials on NFTs, Gaming, and Web3 will answer questions like where do you fit in Globally, how to ensure you are not left behind, and how to best leverage your creativity and ingenuity on the Blockchain?

David Kim stated, “Major technological innovations have the ability to create disruptions which level the playing field and open up new economic opportunities for anyone who has the vision and work ethic to find ways to leverage the new economies they create. It’s important that we spread the message to everyone and educate them to give them the chance to take advantage of these opportunities.”


Dave Curry

Artist & NFT Creator

David Kim

VP of Business Development & Marketing,