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Making education more equitable for historically marginalized a challenge that every Parent and Educator in America will face on an ongoing basis. Everyday occurrences in school create a culture of punishment against Black students. This seminar will dive into what kind of interventions could support a change and provide Educators, Parents, and Students with a comprehensive Tool Kit that can be carried into classrooms and households alike.

This free virtual ongoing series will take place May 20, 2023, June 24, 2023, July 22, 2023 and August 26, 2023 will be hosted by Brilliant Minds Collective. Saving Our Students is open to all elementary, secondary, and accredited U.S. post-secondary institutions as well as other eligible U.S. higher education community stakeholders seeking to educate themselves on how to best support and educate parents of Black and Latino Students.

Seminar participants will gain skills and best practices in student support, and strategies for students of color’s success in the elementary and campus communities.  Educators and Board of Education leaders and officials will share their expertise through a variety of interactive, online sessions.  Seminar participants will also have opportunities to network with colleagues from a diverse range of U.S. institutions. Our conference will take place on September 23rd, 2023.


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