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"As an educator, my time spent as a Special Topics Researcher at Brilliant Minds Collective helped me to gain a greater understanding of the role that race, and perceptions of race play in our education system. As both an educator and a woman of color, I was happy to use my expertise to analyze the impact that honest conversations about institutional racism can have on students' understanding of American history. I have utilized the lessons learned during my tenure with BMC to update my lessons and bring important concerns to my local school district."
Charlotte Stevens
Special Topics Researcher
"I am happy to report that the research experience I gained as a Special Topics Researcher with Brilliant Minds Collective helped me to transition to a paid research position with a multinational think-tank based in the United Kingdom. During the application process, multiple interviewers were impressed with the depth and rigor of the research project that I completed through BMC. Much thanks to the BMC editing and Research team for granting me the time, resources, and guidance to complete such an important research project. "
Ioannis Alexandrou
Special Topics Researcher

BMC "for the Culture"

Kim Green