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BMC "for the Culture"

“Black People tend not to be boastful about their intellect. Brilliant Minds Collective is about our culture and our intellect. That is a place to start.”
– Keith Clinkscales, BMC Thought Leadership, Media Executive, Publisher

White Men: Losers of the Culture War

Black Culture is a state of mind as well as a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state. Our culture runs deep because we are products of our darkness and our evergreen light. Come see us shine.

I Grew up in Harlem, NY: Opinion

By Shelley Wynter  Co-Host of Word on the Street  Airing nightly on 95.5 FM WSB  7P-10P  I grew up in Harlem, NY. In Harlem at that time, gangsters and hardworking

Going Backwards: The 2022 Overturning of Roe v. Wade

By Kim Green If enslavement is defined as having one’s free will put in the hands of another who has the power to control one’s body, mind and destiny, then